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Legendary creation of Steven Stapleton is a living example of absolute freedom in art.  The  imperative is hundred-percent anarchy that spews value. Nurse With Wound is exceptionally fruitful show of anti-schematism, breaking all kinds of limitations or formulas. Abstract, anti-structural music, yet so very different from dozens contemporary „novelty” seekers! Steven Stapleton is one of mages of English esoteric scene which had culmination in the 80s. Since then, whatever has been released under the name Nurse With Wound is an implementation of surrealism and dadaism postulates. NWW is a sort of audial version of surrealist cadavre exquis game. It is exactly what Lautréamont described as a chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella. Whatever you say about NWW's music, you are never able to unequivocally pigeonhole what Steven Stapleton is doing. Quite often, violation of schemes provokes NWW to make something like an anti-hit.  It is not so difficult to find suche moments on NWW's albums. Nobody can deny that NWW is the classic of anti-music or anti-art. In this case, it means the art of the highest quality.