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There are many groups trying to combine multiple aesthetics at the same time, but few of them are as successful in doing so as the Argentinian duo Mueran Humanos. Carmen Burgess and Tomás Nochteff, already for a few years based in Berlin, look at the past of independent music in a creative way, concocting a sonic mixture including psychedelia, EBM, garage rock, krautrock, industrial music, post punk and minimal synth. On top of that, the said electrifying mix is spiced up with a dark sense of humour and a truly Latin American feel. Mueran Humanos have succeeded in attaining something virtually impossible – a perfect balance between catchiness, noise and sound experiment. Their take on minimal and repetitive music becomes something psychedelic and aggressive, while their pop rhythms casually transform into electro-noise, with unsettling bass lines and the mesmerising mood being a backdrop for lyrics, sung in Spanish, about the manipulation our psyche experiences through exposure to the mass media. The artists themselves describe their music as "rock concrète", i.e. musique concrète devoid of its academic swank.