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Every participant of industrial type of dance parties can recognize the hit One Eyed Man in a flash, after the first few tunes. It is not the only successful outcome of Mika Goedrijk's project, established in 1996. This Morn Omina is another significant point in an exquisite panorama of electro industrial of Northern Europe, and its popularity goes beyond the industrial scene. This Morn Omina is one of the most recognizable products of Ant-Zen label. The term which you can permanently use to describe any part of This Morn Omina's work is trance. TMO is tribal industrial - ethnic rhythms in strict connection with electronics. This Morn Omina links non-European rhythmic traditions with highly advanced technological base. Looped, electronically generated tempos, typical for techno, combine with ritual repetitions. All this enriched with some psy-trance kind of rhythm elements. Serial repetitive music overwhelms the senses and psyche. It has power and it draws the listener into a ritual kind of experience.