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Monopium is a one-man project, created by the musician Michał Majcher from Płock. It is not easy to explicitly classify the work of this formation—it can, however, be described as a musical collage, based on the artist's fascination with Dadaism, avant-garde and the style of old Berlin cabarets. Monopium’s tracks create unusual soundscape hypnotizing with its oneiric properties. It surely is a memorable and unusual blend of various factors, which are sometimes blended in a very surprising way: Neo- Cabaret, postindustrial, musique concrète, drone or even free jazz. The atmosphere created by those sounds evokes the faint associations with soundtracks to noir movies, the art of the Surrealists and Dadaists. Monopium’s music is abstract, somewhat unnatural, almost out of this world—it sounds like a crazy improvisation, cut-up experiments and exotic stylistic maneuvers. Moreover, each of project’s composition is embellished with various kinds of unusual sounds: howling sirens, looped sounds of music boxes, crackles from vinyl, voices in different languages, flowing water, struck piano and a whole bunch of other details. The mixture of those elements is further reinforced by a very specific atmosphere, a certain unexplainable aura of mystery. We can surely say that Monopium, thanks to its open formula, the lack of stylistic barriers and constant search, creates a new quality which significantly distinguishes it from other artists—not only those associated with post-industrial scene.

MONOPIUM - La Grande Déferlante