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Micromelancolié is a project started in 2002 by Robert Skrzyński, who creates repetitive structures set within the glitch aesthetics by the use of microsamples, found sounds, field recordings and feedback loops.Micromelancolié records have been released mainly on tape by labels from different continents, includingA Beard of Snails (DK), Already Dead Tapes (US), Ghetto Naturalist Series (US), Jozik Records (FI), Quasi Pop (UA), Rocket Machine Tapes (AU) Sangoplasmo (PL), Metaphysical Circuits (DK) and MonotypeRec. (PL). In 2013 the label BDTA released a CD-R called #p st-m d rn_summertime – the first collection of Skrzyński's solo records in Poland. A year later, due to the efforts of Gdańsk-based label Zoharum, four experimental compositions, bordering on such genres as ambient, drone or clicks'n'cuts sawthe light of day in a form of an LP It Doesn't Belong Here.

Since 2012 Robert has actively collaborated with a Norwegian artist Sindre Bjerga, which resulted in Prayer Calls LP, released in 2012 byAurora Borealis (UK), Momentum CD-R, released a year later by Twice Removed (AU) and a few recordings that are coming out soon on MonotypeRec. (PL) or Black Horizons (US) labels.