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Paweł Starzec's and Michał Turowski's project Mazut came into being in 2013, but over two years it chiefly consisted in hours of talk about the band's future sound. The original idea of recording live bass and drums was abandoned, while both musicians, who in the meantime were busy with their solo projects, combined their experiences to create a completely new musical concept of their duo. Mazut means an abundance of colourful effects, a toy keyboard, laptop, vintage radio receivers, dictaphones, magnetic tapes found among trash or bought at flea markets, a Unitra cassette player, samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, a four track cassette recorder, and a truckload of other gear. In their always improvised and thus unrepeatable pieces, the band members explore dark and musty territories of minimal beat music, where dirty and crude lo-fi acid techno intertwines with industrial feedback. All of this is spiced up with sampled text which adds to their sound's dark feel whatever it actually is – be it extracts from fairy tales, a speech by a war murderer, or a manipulative pep talk.