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Dataist International and Industrial Art presents special event:
MAIN (UK) in historical "White Stork" Synagogue 

By founding Loop, one of the UK's most interesting alternative guitar bands, Robert Hampson became one of the most important figures of the British underground. However, the end of his band meant the birth of a new project, whose beginnings date back to 1991. Along with Scott Dowson, also an ex-member of Loop, Hampson started making music under the moniker Main, combining abstract ambient with field recording and multiple layers of electric guitar sounds and complementing the resulting creation with a dark and emotional atmosphere. The main principles of the project were to deconstruct guitar music, embed it in a completely different context and change its sonic language. In Main's take, the sounds of this instrument, subjected to numerous manipulations, ultimately ceased to resemble the traditional guitar sounds. The resulting creation resembles ambient music, but is closer to musique concrète and industrial music than to Brian Eno’s works. The sound of Main is filled with ghostly decomposition, noisy drones and violent physicality.