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Last Dominion Lost was created in 1992 on the ashes of the band Merge, set up by Dominic Guerin, one of the co-founders of SPK, and John Evans, with John Murphy joining the new project later. The band's music directly draws on the best of the old school, original industrial music - it is raw like SPK's compositions, full of the dark atmospheres of Lustmord's early records and based of the sound of metal percussion instruments that can be associated with Z'ev or Test Dept. This description, however, does not do justice to the project, as Last Dominion Lost was not created as part of the derivative genre revival wave. Obviously, one can hear references to the early industrial scene, but these stem from the band members' individual approach to sound creation and their extensive experience as some of the godfathers of the whole aesthetics. It is not a mere trip down the memory lane, but music that reminds the listener where it came from and how the entire industrial revolution started; that is from acoustic sound generation methods, blood, sweat and the spirit of genuine experimentation.