Last year, Kollaps played a few concerts in Poland and it was enough to let the group attract considerable attention. Nobody was indifferent to their performances as the massive wall of organised noise generated by the three-piece band (drums, bass, and voice) with an adequate measure of electronics created cathartic qualities. Kollaps didn’t contribute to the fall, instead of that doing riveting shows that leave no doubt. Damian Coward, Wade Black and Robin W. Marsh released an album last year, entitled Sibling Lovers, which attracted the attention of independent media.  The music of Controlled Bleeding or Skin Chamber can be a point of reference for Kollaps in terms of sound, which could also be more remotely associated with certain groups of the past, such as F/i and Boy Dirt Car. But it was the expressive shows that let the group win everything that was achievable on a low-budget tour such as that one. Even if this year Kollaps turns out to be only a déjà vu of last year’s excesses, I can already now recommend their stage intensity to everybody.