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Kafel's origins reach the grey 80s. PRL (People's Republic of Poland). Their performance in the room of Riviera Remont in Warsaw during VII Out Of Control Festival in 1986, gave the project a place in history. A largely unknown duo from Szczecin (Darek Krzywanski, Andrzej Panfil) demonstrated a coherent program, comprising grey noise of magnetic tapes plus coarse electronics. Hundred-percent by home-made means, with only one possible method DIY / do-it-yourself, young musicians produced interesting music. Their method was based on simple beats and monotonous backing. The sound made by Kafel brilliantly reflects the place and atmosphere of the times when it was made. The band disappeared in the early 90s. Recently, Requiem Records reinstated their old material as a part of serii reminiscences series of Polish experimental music. A short history of Kafel group evidences how times of scarcity managed to deliver timeless values.