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Łódź is one of the most industrialised cities in Poland. For ears it was dominated by light industry, but even after the transformation in the early 1990s, the infrastructure of the ruined industry still emitted noise. Sound coming from huge weaving plants could be heard all the time, day and night. This created something in a shape of a special sonic sphere – the city sound. And it was exactly that place, dominated by machine noise, filled with factory complexes and huge abandoned storehouses where the band Jude was formed in 1993. Its members used the industry and considered it as a source of inspiration, as well as a working material as such. This relationship between five individuals operating within a music group expanded the range of their communication to include other media, such as video, print, performance. Their visual layer was based on the language of totalitarian propaganda.

The attempt to categorise the group within established genres is pointless – Jude play fierce music of instincts and impulses, overloaded with emotions that might conventionally be described using such terms as industrial-hardcore-punk-noise. Jude treat industrial as culture and an attitude. Jude use noise, music, technology and visual arts as weapons. Jude is rooted in punk, but is industrial by vocation. [rj]

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