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Lee Howard from Birmingham, named his personal voice in the cacophony of today's culture Iron Fist Of The Sun. His music is made in the city which has raised a few greatest classics of heavy  guitar music. However, Lee Howard uses a different means from Napalm Death or Godflesh. His  method of fighting his own demons, obsessions, is an expression called power electronics. Lee Howard batters diatribes of hate and stamps them with an explosion of stratified noise. IFOTS is a world-view vehicle, a manifestation, an individual gesture, as well as a way to express  unabashed hate against today's England and United Kingdom. Nihilism, misantrophy and a total counterpunch against the contemporary world burst from every fragment of this music. Since the release of the debut cassette of IFOTS about 10 years ago, he has been publishing regular portion of his artwork. Most of the material is released under the long-serving label, Cold Spring.

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