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Instinct Primal, the project of the Czech sound artist and photographer Jan Kruml, is experimental, massive dub ambient based on field recordings made in various locations of the world, including Vienna, Mostar and Fukushima. The music created by him under this moniker are an amalgam of sounds of both analogue synthesizers and digitally created ones, resulting in an unpredictable, abstract and geometrical plane of sonic tessellation. The deep and complex sound of Instinct Primal evokes a journey to archaic and forgotten states – both real and archetypal, hidden deep in every person's psyche. The starting point for the project's compositions is always field recording of sounds of nature and the human civilisation, which Kruml manipulates into a transcendental space-time continuum of the thought. It is a kind of music which one must completely immerse in to find in themselves something unknown – something that has been hidden deep.