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The beginnings of FOLKSTROM – a project founded by Henrik Nordvargr, known for musical undertakings including Maschinenzimmer 412, Pouppée Fabrikk, Toroidh or Vargr – go back to the year 1999, since when he has been one of the most celebrated industrial projects hailing from Sweden. Over the years of its activity, Folkstorm has been continually evolving from the classical martial industrial aesthetic towards more sophisticated areas, merging rhythm-fuelled noise evoking the punk ethos with aggressive and energetic vocals. Despite all of those aesthetic shifts, the music of Folkstrom still remains a radical project. Regardless of whether one will label it martial or power electronics, and however much the albums differ from one another, each of them has this one common characteristic – an abundance of sounds mercilessly affecting the listener's all senses. This is, to put it simply, a brutal and primal force deprived of gentleness or calm. That is complemented by the lyrics shouted out by Björkk, also devoid of mercy, most often touching on the subject or war and giving a critical view on political ideologies.