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Born in 1980 as a trio, and currently a duo formed by Arturo Lanz (founding member) and Saverio Evangelista (member since 1991), Esplendor Geométrico is an influential and international cult band and also a rare case in the Spanish music scene, as they have developed their own independent path aside from tags, fashion or trends, in spite of being often classified as industrial music. Their career during this four decades hasn’t had interruptions. They haven’t stopped composing, releasing albums or playing live (with more intensity since the nineties), and they have continued for the simple pleasure of making music.  

E.G. soon achieved a personal and distinct style that can be appreciated from their 80´s albums , when they used analog synthesizers and primitive electronic percussion, to the present time with new digital tools. Despite the great changes in the electronic sound with the evolution of technology, they are easily recognizable. Their influence has marked many later artists, usually classified in the so-called  industrial music or rhythm&noise, as well as artists from current techno and certain types of experimental noise music.