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Empusae is a synonym of intensity, which cannot be closed in rational frames of mechano-ethnic rhythm noise. Empusae jest an individual creation of Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe, also known as Sal –Ocin. A sound artist fascinated both by modern technology and non-European esoteric traditions - in Empusae he included rhythm and noise, as well as echoes of different magic rituals. Rhythmic sequence of noise and beat serve as a building block for the ritual. The sounds are supposed to become a tool for initiation, entrancing to move away from matter, towards transcendence. Empusae is a rhythmic a sonic impulse, a stimulus to go beyond the ratio. Empusae's music can be a rhytmic discharge, both danceable and ambient drone. Its sound leads through suburbian solid waste landfill towards spaces of wild nature, unrestrained by civilisation.