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Doc Wör Mirran is a south Germany based multimedia group of artists active in all possible areas. Their every performance is a separate undertaking composed of specially prepared première pieces of music. It can be a concert at a club, an exhibition, happening, or a record release – and, sometimes, musical sabotage intruding on a street Stadtfest.
Bernard H. Worrick and Joseph B. Raimond met in mid 80’s in Nuremberg. The history of Doc Wör Mirran involves the project’s participation in the cassette culture of the 80’s and a number of releases in all possible formats. For a long time, the artists lived in the USA, where their single was released under the auspices of the punk magazine Forced Exposure (1991). Doc Wör Mirran’s art is noise, hum, sounds, sculptures, poetry, manifestos, visual art, music, literature, and action. The prevailing characteristics of the group’s output are the hilarious, the grotesque, and the absurd, a good testimony to which is the name of its own label - Undertainment. The Doc Wör Mirran project strives for a complete fulfilment of the Dada movement’s premiss. The artists’ motto is total artistic freedom.