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Wiktor Skok - this name come to mind when you’re thinking: „Lodz’s underground”. Still present since the 80’s. Witnessed the decline of city's industry he became a true Stakhanov of bruitist music. Promoting numbers of D.I.Y. industrial electro parties, inviting bands and artists from abroad, organising punk shows in bunkers, warehouses tunnels and old factories he became one of the most active scensters of Poland’s underground. He promote machine culture and esthetics from the year zero. His discoteca output differs from pounding strong industrial beat, rhythm’n’noise, EBM just to electro punk and sweet ultra danceable electroclash. A great admirator of Expressionism and Film Noir, his musical tastes go from SPK, Esplendor Geometrico and Slogun by Front Line Assembly to John Foxx or Adult. Besides he is the singer of the most (in)famous polish industrial band Jude, publish his own zine Plus Ultra and try to make a living writing articles and revievs to some mags and actively DJing around. An explosive in an urban decay.