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Mark Spybey has released 20 albums as Dead Voices on Air (DVOA), the most recent being a triple cd: “Never Too Much of Nothing.” Now based back in his native England, Spybey was a member of Zoviet-France in the eighties and a founding meber of Download, when he lived in Vancouver in the nineties. He has worked with members of Can (he was a member of the late Michael Karoli’s band Sofortkontakt! and played at all the Can 30th anniversary shows) and has collaborated widely with artists such as Faust, James Plotkin, Jarboe, Simon Fisher Turner, Robert Hampson, The Legendary Pink Dots, Pigface, Genesis P Orridge, Mick Harris amongst many others. He works with ex-Zoviet France alumni Robin Storey (Rapoon) in the band Reformed Faction. In recent years he has released two albums with Phil Western from Download as Beehatch. He has also released several cd’s withTony D’Oporto as, “Gnome and Spybey. He continues to tour, to record and to play live. Music is for eyes.