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In some cases, the environment in which the artist grew up, has a profound influence on his whole worldview and therefore on all of his works. Dead Factory—the music project of Maciej Mutwil from Sosnowiec—is precisely one of those cases. The reality of the city situated at the center of the most industrialized region in Poland strongly influences the musical creations of the project and is also reflected in the accompanying imagery and visuals. The sounds created by Dead Factory can be described as a dark, minimalistic ambient, combined with industrial elements. The sound of this project evokes bleak visions of post-industrial landscapes full of rust and dust and filled with abandoned mines, factories and remnants of the Cold War era—the abandoned military facilities, ruined hangars and monuments torn apart. Dead Factory’s music is an invitation to this world of rust, concrete, and endless wastelands. The sounds and images of the environment where Maciej Mutwil lives are projected straight into his music—the industrial ambient similar to Lustmord, based on mechanized samples and heavy keyboard backgrounds.

Dead Factory "Silesia" - Video by Marek Stańczyk ©