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There were bands like Can in Germany, Nurse With Wound in UK, The Residents in USA, and there were Déficit Des Années Antérieures in France. Formed in 1979 by 3 artists from the Beaux-Arts of Caen: Jean-Luc André, Sylvie Martineau-Fée and Jean-Philippe Fée, DDAA was one of the leaders of the independent, experimental, industrial 80s French scene with their highly artistic, peculiar and thoughtful vision. From a music post-punk/avant-garde/surréaliste made improvisations and collages, DDAA creates a world of the strange, captivating, borrowing naivety and emotions. This is a music mixture concocted from experimental electronics, avant-punk, free improv, industrial, lo-fi-no-wave and other ingredients that makes DDAA so unique. Thre is no other band on the whole music scene of the world like DDAA – there is no corresponding music act at all.