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Darkwoodis  is a Saxony based neo-folk group led by Henryk Vogel. Darkwood’s melodic music is a fusion of the sounds of classical instruments such as guitars (both acoustic and electric) and string instruments enriched by electronic backing.  The prowess of Darkwood makes it on par with the genre’s master such as Ostara or Blood Axis. The project’s poetics is encapsulated in its very name, and the albums’ titles carry equally clear messages: Flammenlieder; Ins Dunkle Land; Jugend und Heimat; Flammende Welt. Henryk Vogel’s lyrics touch on the subjects of love, war, and hate. However, what underlies Darkowood’s poetics is a memory - of a place, a spirit, history, or ancestors. The songs include references to the conflicts or tensions of our continent’s history. At the 17th WIF, the group is going to present a review of its eight studio albums and some new material to be released soon.