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DAF – which stands for Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft – is a living legend. There are few groups in music history whose influence is equal to that of DAF, set up in 1978 by Gabi Delgado Lopez and Robert Görl – two enthusiasts determined to create something completely new, something that would rock the foundations of music to come. But for DAF, there would be no New German Wave as we know it today, with the famous promoter John Peel referring to them as the grandfathers of techno music. They are the actual pioneers of electropunk and an essential inspiration for numerous synthpop musicians. If it hadn't been for their contribution, a completely new genre combining features of industrial music and punk, i.e. EBM, would not have come into being. DAF is a group that looked far ahead into the future, being the direct link between avant-garde punk and electronic music. One cannot simply copy DAF's style – the pulsating synthesizer music with energy equal to that of the best among punk rock bands, the unsettling rhythmicity and distinctive and dense sound combined with original lyrics became the outfit's trademarks and an unattainable model for many other musicians. DAF is unquestionably one of the most important groups that came with the wave of the punk rebellion, one that even now, in the new century, can surprise us with its fresh and powerful sound.