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Although William Bennett has proven himself chiefly as one of the founders of the (in)famous group Whitehouse, the fathers of the whole power electronics aesthetic, currently his main vehicle is Cut Hands – a product of his fascination with the Haitian voodoo, in which the core sound is created with traditional percussion rhythms from Central Africa presented in a radically novel manner. Inspired by the ritualistic sounds of this syncretic religious system, where musicians had the ability of creating powerful music without any technology, the artist in fact originated a new genre, which was given the name of afro noise (such as the title of one of Cut Hands releases). The project, whose name was taken from one of Whitehouse’s tracks entitled Cut Hands Has the Solution, introduced a new quality not only to the industrial music scene but also to techno and other dance oriented genres. Few projects can boast such a unique and original sound, and it's very hard to find music with such powerful intensity, both physically and emotionally.