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Existing since 1998, C. H. District is a project of Mirosław Matyasik that combines industrial sounds with contemporary productions based in intelligent electronics. Even the most picky and extravagant connoisseurs of the musical experimentation get swayed by the District’s strong, dynamic beats, recurring melodic lines and broken rhythms. Be warned though! By no means can C. H. District be associated with monotonous and simplistic versions of techno—in their compositions the familiar design elements of dance music are radically deconstructed, classic bit structures are transformed into an unconventional rhythmic concoction packed with glitches, and heavy bass lines are marked by radical tonal experiments . It is a deep, multi-layered music based on ambient landscapes and complemented with a whole range of often unexpected glitches, noise, feedback and rhythmic clicks. One can hear all kinds of influence and all kinds of elements of electronic and technoid industrial music. Although inspirations with the various fresh sounds of the past is clearly visible, the tracks still show genuine character as well as the musicians’ bravado in experimenting with rhythm—typically associated with the masters of IDM. Music of C. H. District is filled to the brim with originality, creativity, clearness and attention to every detail—every sound has its own clearly defined place. A must-hear for fans of such bands as Autechre, Aphex Twin and Black Lung or such producers as Warp, Hymen, Ant-Zen or Metropolis. From 2012 the band can boast with a new member: Adam Białoń, known from bands such as Garaż w Leeds, Nowy Horyzont and Dusseldorf.

Ch District