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Since 2004, the US artist Clay Ruby has been making music under the moniker Burial Hex. His compositions are difficult to pigeonhole, drawing on various, sometimes disparate, aesthetics and music genres. Here, radical and aggressive power electronics meets Tangerine Dreamesque space sounds and the feel of other electronic undertakings of the 70's of the 20th century; the orchestral tones of the organ resound against the backdrop of minimal techno inspired trance rhythms, while krautrock-like psychedelia merges with bleak ambient soundscapes. Burial Hex creates a dark atmosphere that contrasts with the sophisticated and sleek instrumentation, while the constant rhythms are interrupted by walls of chaotic noise. Ruby makes music drawing on many inspirations, not only of a sonic nature – from classical chamber music of the 19th century to industrial music; from Howard Phillip Lovecraft's stories to the feel of Italian horror films of the 70's; from Alejandro Jodorowski's surrealism to the grotesque of David Lynch; from Nietzsche's philosophy to the works of postmodern art.