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Using music and spoken word, Bisclaveret discovers and creates an original and seemingly unreal world of sound. The creation is supposed to be detached from “here and now”. With sounds which, for a lack of a better term, are described as ambient-like, the Gdańsk based project transplants holistic visions of little-known esoteric thinkers, mystics, visionaries, and madmen into the sonic domain. Founded in 2000, the duo comprising Maciej Mehring and Radosław Murawski pursues its own musical mission detached from any dependencies. Each album released by Bisclaveret is a separate concept dedicated to a specific phenomenon or event. The musicians treat their releases like some sort of mystical and philosophical treatises. Magic, esotericism, and transcendental and non-rational phenomena are regular themes in Bisclaveret’s art - appearing as both inspiration and an inherent ingredient of the project. Bisclaveret’s sounds are meant to be a stimulus for a psychedelic journey into the depths of the self and a metaphysical voyage towards the unknown.