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Chris Sigdell is an experimental electronic musician. He developed a soft spot for early industrial textures and pioneering ambient soundscapes while cutting his teeth in cult industrial band NID (1995-2005). He builds an interesting body of work that moves in various directions at the same time. From dealings with ambient and isolationism on one hand and experimental music, ranging from the soft micro-sound end to the more engaging noise end, in a clever combination of ideas...
Since going solo in 2005 he has performed over 300 concerts in Europe, North Amerca and Japan. He has appeared at various renown festivals and played with artists like Boren Und Der Club Of Gore, Dave Philips, Frontline Assembly, Jozef Van Wissem, Puce Mary, Rinus Van Alebeek, Robert Rich, Thomas Köner, Zbigniew Karkowski.
b°tong releases can be found on various experimental labels such as: Oxidation (USA), Drone Records (D), Zoharum (PL), Reverse Alignment (S) and Silken Tofu (B). Chris also composed and plays the music for contemporary circus performance piece „Vertikal" by Finn Jagd Andersen, directed by Delia Dahinden and can (very) briefly be seen in the Swiss television series „Der Bestatter" - in the episode „Spiel mit dem Feuer" he plays guitar in a band that plays one of his own old songs. Live, b°tong uses found electrical gadgets and metal objects together with various effect-pedals.