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Massimo Magrini—a talented musician and engineer of new technologies—has been leading his trademark project: Bad Sector for many, many years now. He is a person utterly fascinated by science, and any electronic sounds and instruments. With years of experience and education gained in the field of computer music, Magrini became famous for creating his very own, new instruments - digital and analog alike—which he later used in his own recordings. Compositions of Bad Sector are best described as a blend of ambient, noise, minimal and experimental music. The artist himself prefers to describe his creations as a deeply emotional, dark ambient noise. Hobbies of the artists can be easily derived from the names of his records and tracks—subjects such as microbiology, algebra, quantum physics and space exploration constitute his sources of inspiration. It is no wonder why the recordings themselves are so diverse in the choice of sounds—radio waves and signals, humming of high-voltage installations, the noises of spacecrafts such as satellites: in Magrini’s mind all of the above are valid ingredients for creating music. The way they get interwoven is masterful indeed, with the final product being a harmonious, drone-like stream of sounds. The music of Bad Sector is extremely rich in detail—shimmering with million individual pieces per minute, where every single click or electric micro-zap is an equivalent of a single molecule or atom. At times the music can lose some of its volume, almost delicate and ethereal it sheds its darkness and aggression, other times it can display some loud, ominous and dark elements.

Bad Sector - ampos (live @ Le Zèbre de Belleville - 6 oct. 2012)