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Based in Hamburg, Asmus Tietchens is unquestionably one of the most important composers of contemporary avant-garde music. Interested in experimental music and musique concrètesince his very childhood, he started making his first compositions already in 1965, using all sorts of electronic instruments, synthesizers and tape loops. The music he creates cannot be pigeonholed within a single genre – virtually each of his compositions came into being through pursuit of the abstract idea of "absolute music" and came about as a result of a mathematical process of formal exercises and experiments carried out within strictly defined boundaries and sets of principles. Still faithful to the sonic experiments in the spirit of works by Karlheinz Stockhausen and other avant-garde classics, who also inspired many industrial music makers, he creates his own world where everything can be found – structures resembling primordial electronic music, sonic glitches, changeable rhythms, cathedral-like ambient sounds, or nostalgic melodies. Sam Tietchens states that his music has no message other than a purely aesthetic one, being created for a narrow audience, i.e. those who want music to deliver something more than just an easy listening experience.