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Dark ballads full of obsessive beats; deep and melancholic synthesizer passages put through distortion, delays and other types of audio processing; visuality and theatricality – these are phrases that best convey the output of the Italian project Ash Code, founded in 2013. Hailing from Naples, Alessandro, Claudia and Adriano created a sonic time machine taking the listener on a trip to the early 80's of the 20th century. Their music is a collage of post-punk, cold wave, Goth rock and other kinds of dark electronic music of that era. The bleak melodies, monotonous singing, pulsating bass and the ubiquitous metallic rhythm of the drum machine are Ash Code's trademarks. Despite all this gloom, the band's music isn't deprived of catchiness and “ear worm” melodies, whose despair-soaked black romanticism easily seduces the listener into a trance-like dance. Ash Code is the darkest dance music you can imagine, masterfully and creatively drawing on the musical output of the icons of the 80's such as Joy Division, The Cure, or Siouxie and The Banshees.