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Contrary to the vast majority of WIF's performers, Antlers Mulm's music is expressed in non-offensive forms, served in almost friendly way. Antlers Mulm create music outside the limits of predictable compositions, with a beginning, development and ending. Atmospheric, spacial structures contain echoes of melodies. The rhythm is served in a structural, precise method. Intricately produced music of Antlers Mulm is at times (un)pop in its openness towards the listener. The project founded in 2003 by Hans Johm a.k.a. Mulm, was later supported by Stephan Spreer (fx, sampling) and Martin Rauch (vj). Antlers Mulm has recently been joined by two guitar players, Franz Schwarznau and Christopha Bley. Antlers Mulm's music at WIF 2018 is going to evoke “interstellar drifting in a translucent space of the white cube”.