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In 2001  Natasha (Natasha A Twenty One) and Alexey Protasov leave their hometown  Minsk and conquer the scene as Ambassador 21. Their message is as simple as the slogan fuck all systems. Their bearish, punk attitude made by A21 has roots in their adolescence spent in Minsk, where they both played in garage bands. The music of the Belorussian duo is usually described as digital hardcore or synthcore. However, it includes even more: from rhythm’n’noise, tech industrial to drill and noise. All this is served in lethal tempo and is intended for a strong stomp and dance. Putting it in a nutshell - enforced with a punk vibe, full of adrenaline, it is a mutation of many genres of contemporary, radical and club music. Relentless energy of Ambassador 21 works excellently live. Natasha and Aleksey do not spare themselves on stage, they lash everybody and everything with their unabashed spontaneity. They immediately became a favourite act of the festivals where rhythm and noise are well. Their expression perfectly corresponded with the aesthetics of such events as Maschinenfest, Elektroanschlag or Forms Of Hands. So far, Amabassador 21 is over a dozen of well-received albums and a range of collaborations, remixes, etc., work for artists from specialist labels, such as Hands, Ant-Zen, Out Of Line, Metropolis or Industrial Strength. Their new album, Human Rage,  like most of the previous recordings of A21, is marked by their own label, Invasion Wreck Chords. Their set at WIF 2018 is surely going to be the next avalanche of beat, noise and energy.