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Aluk Todolo literally means "the Way of Ancestors " and is an ancient animistic religion of the mountainous regions of southern Indonesia. So what can you expect from the team that took the name of such a mysterious faith? The members of this French instrumental trio describe their work as occult rock (which is also the title of their latest album published in 2012). ‘Occult’ because their tracks musically, thematically and aesthetically refer to the knowledge of the hidden, mysterious forces of the universe as well as the mind. ‘Rock’ because they use only traditional rock instruments : guitar, bass and drums. Their musical experimentation results in the methodical exploration of the power of trance music with references mainly to the crudeness and cold of black metal, and the strangeness associated with krautrock genre. The long tracks—sometimes lasting over ten minutes—are in fact a repetitive, hypnotic compositions, filled with harmonic and disharmonic tonal solutions and unusual rhythmic patterns. Aluk Todolo is an alchemical mixture of the opposites: their music is aggressive, heavy and oppressive, and at the same time calm, soothing and filled with unique contemplation. It is a musical, psycho-physical ritual in which the sounds serve as a vehicle carrying the mind of the listener into another dimension.

Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock II