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Kaleidoscopic journey, dark version of lounge, morbid bits dipped in tradition of the sixties, postindustrial sexadelics, unhealthy embient and heavy, heavy lyrics – this is music of one-person italian band called Ait!, brought to life by Tauro Ceron. It is not easy task to categorize this project – one can call it as multiheaded sound hybrid, born from various elements from postindustrial scene, filtered through prism of experimenting and searching for the new ways of expression. This music is a journey to a dark carnival from an alien land where time blends between ages and everything that is sleazy, dark and playful is somehow preserved against erosion. Decadent atmosphere of all project's compositions summons visions of old pink movies, denny night clubs and forgotten cabarets. Ait! cooks his music from concotion of neofolk, neoclassicism, circus music, lunge, vintage soundtracs, jazz noise and different faces of experiment. If you are looking on industrial genre for something really fresh, new and innovative - then you have found it – the darkest disco ever.