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Ah Cama - Sotz has been standing out on the rhythm noise scene since the 1990s, but its founder, Herman Klapholz from Antwerp, had already taken his first steps in the world of dark sound a decade earlier as a participant in the famous project Hybryds. He has collaborated with The Klinik, Vidna Obmana and other artists associated with the industrial scene of northern Europe. Ah Cama-Sotz started with a solid, perfectly produced rhythm noise and released his output through labels such as Hands. The common feature of most of that work was the extremely boosted low frequencies. The aim of Ah Cama-Sotz's music is to activate the mind and take the audience into something like an infinite tunnel and on a journey into the infinite depths of consciousness. The whole thing is spiced with a demonic flavour. Each fragment is provided with an exposition of irrational, dark powers, embodied in the figure of a predatory bloodsucking bat. Herman Klapholz has always refused to conform to any stylistic limitations. While, in his youth, he was fascinated by classical symphonic music, in his own work one can hear many elements - from serial and minimalist rhythm to dark ambient, from ritual trance music to sub-bass drone. In the later stages of his career, around the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, Ah Cama-Sotz's music evolved into techno-like and break forms. Klapholz's love for low frequencies led him to incorporate drum'n'bass motifs in his work, a result of which is ethno-tribal industrial music with a powerful dance vibe. The previous appearance of Ah Cama-Sotz at WIF was received enthusiastically, so we may safely assume that also this time, the artist will seduce and electrify the Gothic Hall. [ws]