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The composer Vladimír Hirsch and the audio experimentalist Tom Saivon began working together as "Aghiatrias" in 1999, treating the undertaking as a form of diversion from their other joint initiative – the symphonic industrial project Skrol – and referring to the sounds created under this name as integrated music.  The group's compositions, whose essential principle is to attain a consonance of contemporary classical music with industrial and dark ambient genres, are filled with a rich assortment of sonic structures. In Aghiatrias's take on these two seemingly disparate aesthetics, they merge and attain complete sonic homogeneity, at the same time broadening their limits by entering entirely new territories of the sound art. Here, tonality turns into atonality, the classical music legacy transforms into post-industrial anarchy, while the orchestral sound meets noise-like soundscapes complemented by the mezzo-soprano of Martina Sanollova, who supports the project both in the studio and during live performances.