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Absolute Body Control is an electronic music project from Belgium. It is notable as the first significant project of musicians Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem. Having previously played in minor punk and new wave bands, Dirk formed Absolute Body Control as a project more influenced by the prototype synthpop sound being produced by the likes of Suicide and D.A.F.. The project originally feature Mark De Jonghe (synths) and Veerle De Schepper (backing vocals), though Mark was replaced in 1981 by Eric Van Wonterghem. The project released a number of cassettes, but only one 7" (Is There An Exit?) and no studio albums during its brief lifespan. The line-up changed very soon but with Eric Van Wonterghem he finds himself a partner for the next coming years regarding mixing, producing and collaborating. Dirk and Eric later joined forces with Marc Verhaeghen in The Klinik, and they would later collaborate on a number of other projects, most notably Sonar (band).

In 2008, 22 years after splitting up, Absolute Body Control reformed and released Wind[Re]Wind, which contains newly recorded versions of their best tracks. In October 2010 Absolute Body Control returns with brand new material on album Shattered Illusion.

The main instrument in the project is sunthesizer – and its sounds is a backbone of every song of the band. Minimal electronic sounds presented with punk energy and dipped in esthetics of dark and intelligent pop surprises listeners with its freshness and impact. It is hard to overestimate their value in the progress of danceable forms of dark independent genres. This music – although its simplicity and melodiousness – is not superficial. This formation is a living proof that you can dance to industrial!