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Neofolk meets industrial head-on, cold wave meets krautrock, and pop meets the classical.
7JK was set up in 2011 as a combination of two completely different projects: the neoclassical Sieben hailing from the UK – relying chiefly acoustic instruments – and the Polish electronic post-industrial outfit Job Karma.
On the album "Anthems Flesh", released in 2012, the artists delivered a completely new quality – a product of the involved musicians' experiences. Together they created a sonic universe filled with multiple layers of processed sounds of the violin, rhythmic tones of synthesizers, and Matt Howden's warm voice.  The second release, entitled "Ride the Solar Tide" was released in 2016 on Redroom Rec. Musically, it is a step forward as against its predecessor, bringing an atmosphere that is accurately conveyed by the term "apocalyptic pop".
Currently, 7JK is a duo comprising Matt Howden (voice and violin) and Maciej Frett (electronic instruments).