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11 (PL)

Sound and vocal duo of the mysterious name 11 is a unique phenomenon on the grounds of Polish experimental music. It is hard to even call this formation a “band” - it is rather a form of musical and verbal play, set up by the responsible for the composition, sound architecture and production Pawel Cieslak (known from various groups such as Fonovel, Blisko Pola, Almost Dead Celebrities or TRYP to name just a few) and author of lyrics and vocal passages – Marcin Pryt (19 Wiosen, TRYP). Their only album up to date, Gettokosmos, is intended to be an experiment, the creation of an universe where they can easily propagate the ideas of cosmic liberation and the area for transmitting informations from parallel worlds. If listeners of this material will reflect for a moment the status of the human-ghetto prisoners, the “cosmic ghetto” and feel empathy with the characters of short stories from the disc, the objective of the authors can be considered as achieved. Surrealistic stories are accompanied by music definitely referring to the industrial tradition, but presented in a distinctive, modernized and very original way. Analog and digital sounds are combined, melody collides with noise, drastically sound-reverbed melodaclamations are backgrounded with noise passages. Raw energy and originality – this is the easiest way to describe this project in one sentence.