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Return To The Batcave Festival is DIY independent event which promotes crazy, spooky and twisted music from the music genres known as post-punk, coldwave, deathrock, gothic-punk, gothabilly and other related weird and experimental music styles with its direct roots in the 80's of the twentieth-century, and whose common elements are art and good fun.

Gothic-punk movement is amazing visually and musically eclectic: combines into one the best and most fascinating music genres which have underground roots directly in the late 70's and 80's.

As with the previous edition of Return To The Batcave for a moment we would like to move back in time to the beginning of the 80's and bring the atmosphere of the legendary London's club Batcave.

Return To The Batcave Festival is 2-days event with 14 bands on the stage and crazy party with DJs till dawn with the best music of such music genres like deathrock, post-punk, gothic-punk, 80', batcave, new wave, gothabilly, synth-punk and similar styles. It's a p-p-p-arty time! Join us!

During Return To The Batcave Festival will play for you bands:
Soror Dolorosa (FR)
The Spiritual Bat (IT)
The Last Days Of Jesus (SK)
The Cemetary Girlz (FR)
Ascetic (AU)
Popoi Sdioh (FR)
The Mescaline Babies (IT)
BA13 (FR)
Voyvoda (BG)
Totenwald (DE)
Luminance (BE/FR)
Joanna Makabresku (PL)
Hatestory (PL)
Alles (PL)

After the concert prepare for afterparty to pale dawn or fallen, as you will. :)

Afterparties will be conducted by:
DJ Black Ossian ( (IT)
DJ Cavey Nik (Dead And Buried) (UK)
DJane Sheatle (Minimalkompromiss) (DE)
DJane IT-Sicko (Gothic Pogo Party) (DE)
DJ ZeitUngeist (Gothic Pogo Party) (DE)
DJ Mss (Return To The Batcave / (PL)
DJane Novelty (Return To The Batcave / Ian Said Dance!) (PL)
DJ Woodraf (Return To The Batcave / (PL)

Location: CRK, Jagiellończyka 10 C / D, Wroclaw (Poland)

Main organizer: / Return To The Batcave (

Dead And Buried
Gothic Pogo Party

Do you have any questions? Shot free, here is the email:

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Tickets costs after 01.10.2014:
all-days ticket: 35€ (lub 140PLN)

You can buy tickets here:

Stay Zombiefied!